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Bridge Family Chiropractic FAQ’s

Chiropractic is the removal of subluxations, or spinal misalignments, by the hands of a trained chiropractor to allow for optimal functioning of the master system of the body which is the nervous system. The nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord. The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of all the systems in the body. These systems include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, and immune system. When we have subluxations they put pressure on nerves which impede the flow of information and nutrients to the muscle, bone, or tissue that particular nerve goes to. This is similar to a construction zone where a road is blocked off. While the information may be able to ultimately get where it is going, it may take longer or be less efficient. The longer this problem persists the more noticeable it may become that you have a problem. This is why it is important to be checked by a chiropractor BEFORE you start experiencing symptoms to allow your body to stay healthy and heal itself from minor issues that may pop up.

The majority of patients do not experience any kind of pain during an adjustment. The most common thing to experience is hearing popping or clicking noises which are the release of gas from the joints which is perfectly normal. On occasion when patients come in while experiencing severe pain, an adjustment may cause an area to be sore/tender like how a muscle will feel after a good workout. These are all normal things and usually alleviate after the first visit or two when accompanied by proper home care.

An initial visit, including consultation and adjustment, (assuming no further diagnostics or imaging is necessary to proceed) cost is $175. Follow up visits for an adjustment cost $60 for adults and children. Please see our services tab for additional services and associated cost(s).

Bridge Family Chiropractic does not file insurance through our office, and is therefore considered “cash” pay, but we are happy to provide you with what is called a Superbill that you may use to file directly with your insurance company. Please note, a Superbill is not available immediately upon your visit but we do process Superbills upon request monthly.

An initial animal consultation and adjustment (assuming no further diagnostics or imaging is necessary to proceed) cost for dogs and cats is $150. This fee also includes a complimentary use of cold laser therapy if the animal would benefit from such treatment. These appointments are held at our office. Horses and cattle are also seen on farm calls. These appointments usually need to be made 1-2 weeks in advance due to limited availability in scheduling times. The cost for both horses and cattle is $150 per animal which includes travel for a 10 mile radius. Other farm animals are seen as needed and the cost is typically dependent upon size. If you have any questions or would like a quote for a specific animal or would like to schedule a group of animals at a discounted rate please call our office. Please also refer to our Animal Chiropractic Services page for more information on the benefits of animal chiropractic.

Bridge Family Chiropractic is committed to providing our patients with exceptional care. We understand that life happens and we are sympathetic to that but we are not able to fill cancelled appointments without sufficient notice. This in turn leaves gaps in our schedules and prevents other patients from being seen. Please notify us 48 hours prior to your new patient appointment if you are unable to attend and 24 hours prior to any other appointment if you are unable to attend. Failure to provide notification per the previously mentioned hours in advance will result in a $25 cancellation fee for an Adjustment Appointment, a $50 cancellation fee for a Craniosacral Appointment, or a $75 cancellation fee for a New Patient Appointment. If we are unable to take your call, a voicemail or email timestamp will be honored.

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